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As a consumer, it is inevitable that you will make mistakes. You are starting at ground zero, with little to no knowledge in this area. Unfortunately, there is a huge amount of confusing information as well as misinformation in regards to liposuction. Many sites will supply you with only bits of information, leaving you lost in your quest for more understanding of this high-demand and high-priced procedure.

Bottom-line: it is very easy to make mistakes. This report will help you AVOID them.


Yes, this does mean doing your homework, at least as best as you can. But as I stated above, it is so difficult to have all your questions answered and even more difficult to know all the questions you should ask. But, if you don’t find out your options, there is a good chance you will make a mistake that you could pay for dearly for the rest of your life.

Let me introduce you to Tamira. Tamira is a very bright, beautiful and busy businesswoman in downtown Chicago. She wanted lipo to get rid of a little belly pooch. She found one doctor who offered her one solution. She was busy, didn’t have the time to shop doctors or options and elected to have the procedure. Her result was substandard. She was left with lumps. They affected her business, making it impossible to wear and promote one of her business products, high-end t-­shirts.

This affected her and her business so much that she elected to do her homework and seek a solution. She found our office, and we were able to correct the problem with our gentle yet thorough Milwaukee Tickle Lipoprocedure.


Don’t get me wrong; plastic surgeons are wonderful doctors. Many are very talented and well trained. However, when it comes to body contouring, “lipo”, they will typically do it one way, usually using the traditional form of liposuction. For most plastic surgeons, lipo is only a small part of their practice. Typically they will do all their procedures with you asleep and in an operating room. Their lipo procedures will be done in less than one hour; this speed tends to lend itself to chunking or debulking of fat without much regard to contouring. The result will often be similar to what Tamira received.

What plastic surgeons do not want you to know about is the existence of cosmetic surgeons. Cosmetic surgeons are physicians who solely focus on body contouring with liposuction. They are traditional specialists in other areas prior to specializing in cosmetic surgery. For example, I was an ObGyn for 20 years prior to switching specialties.

Cosmetic surgeons usually perform their procedures in an office setting, with you totally awake. We tend to use the latest technologies to perform our procedures, and some of us have utilized multiple technologies, always looking for the safest and most thorough technology available. I have trialed every form of office-­based liposuction technology available and, now in my seventh year, I have determined that Tickle Lipo is the safest, most gentle and most thorough form of liposuction available to my patients, and I use it exclusively.

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