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Liposuction in Milwaukee, WI

Lipo 360 is Our Milwaukee Liposuction Procedure That Refers to Fat Reduction 360 Degrees Around Your Midsection.

Upper and lower abdominal fat are addressed, as well as body fat on the mid-to-lower back, hips, and sides. Milwaukee cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Timothy Zelko, is a pioneer of the Tickle Liposuction technique, which is a gentle form of tumescent liposuction, that may be used for 360° abdominal reshaping. Lipo 360 does not refer to a specific device. It just means the fat is refined all the way around the abdomen. Some doctors use older techniques. At Zelko Aesthetics, the liposuction we do is Dr. Zelko’s innovative Tickle Lipo procedure, which provides the same great results — without having to undergo general anesthesia.

Our Proprietary Tickle Lipo Procedure

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Tickle Liposuction removes excess fat deposits and reshapes your figure, enhancing both your body contour and proportion while improving your self-image.

Because the cannula required for Tickle Liposuction is so small, your incisions are less than 5mm in length and placed in inconspicuous areas that are easily hidden. Tickle Lipo in Milwaukee is performed by Dr. Timothy Zelko. It not only reduces fat pockets, but it allows for the body to spontaneously tighten the skin — without the pain or downtime of traditional liposuction.


With Tickle Lipo, there is less tissue trauma than other lipo techniques used today. ALL other forms of liposuction utilize either excessive heat and or sharp instruments that cause significant tissue damage. Reducing tissue trauma means less downtime, less pain, and less need for prescription pain medication.

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you've reached a stable body weight, but still have fat rolls or bulges of fat on your abdomen, sides, or back, then Lipo 360 might be right for you. Keep in mind that liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure, but it is a fat-removal surgery.


Tickle Lipo Tightens Skin to a Degree.

If you can grab a pinch or handful of fat, you may be a good candidate for Tickle Lipo. As Dr. Z likes to say, “If there is something to pinch, there is something to do.” If you notice loose skin on the same area as the fat pocket, then a skin removal procedure (such as a tummy tuck and lipo combined) may be in your best interest.

Tickle Lipo tightens skin to a degree, but it cannot surgically remove large skin folds. It simply is used to reduce body fat and re-shape the midsection of your body where there is a small to moderate amount of excess fat. It’s great for refining stubborn back fat, belly fat, and love handles with a skin-tightening effect. If you grab a bulge on your abdomen, thigh, arm, back, hips, or saddlebags and it is mostly excess skin fold (rather than body fat), then skin removal surgery is probably what you need.

If you are unsure of which procedure you need to see results, Dr. Zelko encourages you to come in for a consultation. He has 15 years of cosmetic surgery experience, with a special interest and advanced training in body contouring and Tickle Liposuction procedures. Dr. Zelko is most concerned about making his patients happy, while maintaining strict safety standards, and will lay out a plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. His goal is to provide the best liposuction Milwaukee has to offer. Additional Forms Of Liposuction Video play icon

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How Should I Prepare for Liposuction?

Minimize the use of aspirin, ibuprofen, and certain supplements (such as ginkgo biloba, ginger, and vitamin E) before surgery as these may increase bruising. It is best to stop smoking several weeks before and after your procedure as any form of nicotine may slow down the healing process. Research shows that any form of nicotine may slow down the healing process.


Milwaukee liposuction patient model in black athletic wear stretching with her abdomen exposed

The Tickle Lipo procedure is done in the office with a local anesthetic. A gentle vibration is felt as the anesthetic is applied to the areas to be treated. Dr. Zelko ensures your comfort throughout the entire procedure. During the numbing process, Dr. Zelko will tell you that you will feel this vibration, you will feel wet as some of the anesthetic fluid runs out and you may feel an occasional quick pinch as the anesthetic fluid stretches the skin.

It is quite common for patients to ask within minutes of starting the procedure, “Is this all there is? I did not think it would be this comfortable.” The vast majority of patients, when asked how uncomfortable the procedure is, both numbing and suctioning, assess it as a 0-2 out of 10. Tickle lipo can treat multiple problem areas at one time! The vibrating cannula liquefies the fat, without affecting the non-fatty tissue nearby. This allows the skin to naturally tighten, resulting in a slimmed and contoured look! The design and vibration of the cannula create a tickling sensation for the patient, hence the very appropriate name for the procedure.


It depends on the extent of your liposuction procedure. Having lipo on small areas (such as the neck) generally has no downtime, nor any time off work or driving.

Larger body parts and areas that require more extensive liposuction may involve a small amount of downtime. You can return to work and driving once you feel comfortable and are without pain. The majority of patients describe postoperative discomfort as a deep achy soreness.

Most patients are able to return to work in a day or two after Tickle Lipo. Any discomfort can be managed by Tylenol with codeine that will be prescribed by Dr. Zelko. Compression garments or bandages may be placed on the treatment site, depending on the body part that is addressed. Garments must be worn for one week.

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Hear Real Patient Tickle Lipo Laughter!


Liposuction is a way to get rid of stubborn body fat that is not responding to dieting or exercising, and can lead to the following benefits:

  • Improved health
  • Permanent removal of fat cells
  • A better personal perception of appearance
  • Higher self-esteem
Milwaukee liposuction patient model in a flowery dress and sunhat smiling


The Lipo360 results are considered instant since the unwanted, excess fat is removed on the day of your liposuction. However, swelling after liposuction is common and may make the area look swollen or puffy initially.

Swelling mostly subsides in the first few weeks, revealing a preview of your final results. Depending on the extent of lipo, it can take up to six months for swelling to completely subside. Check out our liposuction before and after patient photos in our Tickle Lipo Gallery.

Tickle Lipo Results

Tickle Liposuction provides instant and permanent fat reduction. Once the fat is gone, it won’t come back — unless you put on weight.

To maintain your results from Tickle Lipo for the long term, stick to a healthy diet and exercise plan to avoid gaining weight, which might undo the results. Dr. Zelko likes to say, “Your results are permanent as long as you behave yourself ( ie maintain your weight, maintain your results) if you lose weight you will enhance your results, BUT... if you gain weight, all bets are off.”

Should you gain weight in the future, liposuction can be performed again (if needed) after losing the weight with diet and exercise, although you may consider strengthening your diet and exercise efforts moving forward to keep up the rewarding results of your Tickle Lipo treatment. For liposuction before and after results, visit our Photo Gallery page.

Guarenteed Results With Tickle Lipo

  • Zelko Aesthetics strongly believes in the effectiveness of the Tickle Lipo procedure. We stand behind our procedure with a one-of-a-kind, industry-first Results Guarantee.
  • We want you to absolutely love the result you get from your Tickle Lipo procedure. Take up to 6 months to evaluate that result to ensure your happiness and satisfaction.
  • If you are not completely satisfied at the end of the 6 month period, just come back and we will do any necessary touch for a nominal fee.
  • Pre-operative weight must be maintained post-procedure to be eligible for this guarantee.
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Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Zelko and the staff were incredibly friendly, and made me feel very comfortable right away. The procedure itself was nowhere near as scary as I thought it would be. Dr. Zelko and his assistant talked and joked with me during the whole procedure (and even played my favorite Pandora station), which really relaxed me. I also found out why it’s called “Tickle Lipo”. I spent a good amount of the time on the table stifling my laughter… IT REALLY TICKLES! Who’d have thought?? I also kept laughing when I heard the “slurping fat suction sound”. –K.B.

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Insurance does not cover elective cosmetic procedures, such as Lipo 360 and Tickle Lipo. Unlike weight loss procedures that are, in some cases, considered medically necessary, Lipo 360, and Tickle Lipo are aesthetic services that are done to fine-tune the results of your weight loss transformation.

Since patients must pay out of pocket for this body contouring procedure, we aim to make the cost of Lipoosuction more affordable with special financing plans for our cosmetic surgery in Milwaukee. Remember to also visit our Specials page to see if you are eligible for any cosmetic surgery discounts.


In the United States, the average cost of liposuction for one body area is $4,835. This is an average nationwide price that may only take the surgeon fee into consideration. At Zelko Aesthetics, lipo is frequently done with local anesthetic in an outpatient setting, so there is no general anesthesia or operating room fee, which can get quite expensive.

More extensive liposuction fat removal procedures, especially those done in addition to skin removal surgery, like with a tummy tuck, may require sedation with general anesthesia in a hospital setting. General anesthesia and having a procedure done in a hospital may affect the final cost. The size of the body part and the amount of fat to be removed can also make liposuction pricing vary widely. For example, having a small amount of lipo on your neck for double chin fat reduction or jawline contouring will cost significantly less than having extensive abdominal liposuction as part of a tummy tuck procedure.

Lipo 360 provides surgical fat removal all the way around the abdomen, encompassing the belly, love handles, sides, and fat on the mid-to-lower back. Please contact our office to schedule a consultation for an accurate price that is specific to your needs as an individual. During the consultation, we will review the best treatment options for you and provide you with a detailed quote for your treatment.


With 15 years as a cosmetic surgeon in Milwaukee, and the Midwest, Dr. Timothy Zelko has helped patients get rid of fat rolls and reshape their lives with body contouring procedures, such as Lipo 360. As an authority on liposuction techniques, Dr. Zelko offers what is known as the Tickle Lipo technique, so you can reduce body fat with a smile on your face.

Lipo 360 works wonderfully on its own, but it may also be done in conjunction with skin removal surgery, should you need it. At Zelko Aesthetics, we’ll customize the procedure to your exact needs. Regardless of the fat reduction procedure that you choose, Dr. Zelko is committed to delivering consistently great results so you can feel good about the way your body looks and fits in clothes.

Contact our office today to schedule a liposuction consultation to hear more about the options that are available to you. Zelko Aesthetics has two locations in the Midwest to serve your needs. Request a consultation today at our Greenfield, WI, or Naperville, IL cosmetic surgery offices. Check out our liposuction before and after patient photos in our Tickle Lipo Gallery

Liposuction Frequently Asked Questions

Lipo results vary for each patient. If you lose weight after your procedure, you can enhance your results. Adversely, if you gain weight after your liposuction, the results may not last. According to Dr. Zelko, permanent results of liposuction will be determined by the patient.

It is normal to have some pain after a lipo procedure. Dr. Zelko will prescribe medications and instructions on healing and managing the pain as you recover.

Liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure, but patients may drop a size or two in their clothing. For many, liposuction helps define their body shape, and patients can fit in their clothes better.

There is a difference between having a liposuction procedure and getting a tummy tuck. With liposuction, Dr. Zelko removes unwanted fat from a specific area or multiple areas. A tummy tuck consists of removing unwanted, excess skin in the abdomen. Dr. Zelko has years of experience in both fat removal surgery and skin removal surgery. Your personal body goals would determine which procedure is best for you. Make an appointment today with Dr. Zelko to discuss what you would like to achieve.

Request a complimentary consultation today and experience why beauty begins with Z.

If you are searching for a cosmetic surgeon in Milwaukee, Chicago, or the Midwest, Zelko Aesthetics has offices in Naperville, IL, and Greenfield, WI to serve your needs.