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About Zelko Aesthetics In Milwaukee

Milwaukee cosmetic surgeon Dr. Tim Zelko believes in a patient-first experience, from your first meeting to long after your procedure is complete. There are no surprises here.

You will get to speak to the person performing your procedure BEFORE you make a monetary commitment to treatment. Dr. Z oversees all our procedures to make sure they are of the finest quality.

A Better Aesthetic Experience from A to Z

Compared to other Cosmetic Offices:

  • We are more thorough
  • Your downtime is reduced
  • Our technology is more advanced
  • Our fat extraction process is more effective
  • Our procedures are more comfortable and gentle
  • Our procedure room is more relaxing — ”Like a Day at the Spa”
    • Heated bed
    • Mood lighting
    • Aromatherapy
    • Music of your choice
    • Ability to have significant other in the room
  • Our procedures will get you moving and looking better faster
  • Your compression garment wear time is shorter (week vs. month)
  • You are back to work and normal activities in days vs. weeks (exclusion: Tickle Tucks)
Zelko Aesthetics Milwauke

At Zelko Aesthetics, you WILL feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed throughout your ENTIRE EXPERIENCE.

Call today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Z, and you’ll be asked the most important question a caring cosmetic surgeon in Milwaukee can ask a patient:

“What is going to make YOU happy?”

Request a complimentary consultation today and experience why beauty begins with Z.

If you are searching for a cosmetic surgeon in Milwaukee, Chicago, or the Midwest, Zelko Aesthetics has offices in Naperville, IL, and Greenfield, WI to serve your needs.