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Microneedling in Milwaukee, WI

The ZSpa™ at Zelko Aesthetics has a Range of Microneedling Treatments

For our patients in Milwaukee microneedling improves skin texture, pore size, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and creates smoother, plumper skin.

If you want to avoid the skin flaking that is associated with chemical peels, but you need something more than a facial, then microneedling may be right for you. The ZSpa™ at Zelko Aesthetics has a range of treatments to correct your cosmetic skin concerns. Dermapen and nano needling are the two skin needling treatments we offer.

How does microneedling work?

When you come to ZSpa™ at Zelko Aesthetics in Milwaukee for microneedling, tiny needles are gently pressed into the skin. This creates a natural healing response by the body, restoring the damaged tissues with fresh collagen.

The small punctures created by the needles also allow the nutrient-rich skin serums we apply at the end of your treatment to penetrate more deeply into the skin. Collagen builds in the skin over the next several months in response to the treatment. Skin looks more firm and youthful, with a better surface texture and an even-toned glow.

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What is the microneedling procedure like?

Our nano or microneedling procedure is a 50-minute service. At Zelko Aesthetics, we do more than skin needling during your treatment. To maximize results, we include a deep cleanse, skin needling, growth factor application to enhance skin repair, and application of protective skincare products before you go home.

What kind of microneedling device do you use?

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At Zelko Aesthetics in Milwaukee microneedling treatments typically involve the Dermapen for more precise treatments. Dermapen has fine, sterile needles on a flat applicator that is pressed into the skin. Rollers are a cylinder covered in tiny needles that are rolled over the skin surface. The problem with this is a roller can’t reach tight areas, such as around the nose contours. The needles can bend or tug at the skin as it’s rolled. This is not an issue with Dermapen. It is ergonomic and more precise.

Is microneedling painful?

Nano needling is completely painless, thanks to silicone tips instead of sharp needles; With microneedling, there is slight discomfort when performed. We will apply a topical numbing agent prior to the treatment to help with the discomfort.

What is microneedling recovery time like?

With this treatment, downtime is quick, usually just 3-5 days. Microneedling side effects are minimal. It is normal for the skin to appear red and minimally swollen. Pinpoint bleeding may occur and should subside quickly. Your skin may feel a bit sensitive for several days.

Microneedling vs Nano needling (“nano infusion”)

Both microneedling and nano needling use fine tips to create hundreds of tiny pinpoints in the skin to stimulate skin renewal. Microneedling uses longer needles than nano needling.

This means microneedling penetrates deeper skin layers. It reaches the dermal layer where collagen production occurs to correct more resistant skin concerns, such as scars. Nano needling focuses more on the uppermost skin layers.

It is ideal for a rosy glow and brighter skin. Nano needling has tiny silicone pyramids that are depressed into the skin during your treatment with zero pain; microneedling uses ultra-fine needles that you can hardly feel.

What microneedling results can I expect?

Whether you choose the microneedling or nano needling facial, our patients report that their complexion looks more glowing starting just a few days after treatment. This is due to the fact that skin needling promotes blood circulation to the skin surface. Enjoy the refreshed glow!

Microneedling penetrates deeper than nano needling to boost collagen production. Your skin will start to appear firmer, tighter, and more refined in texture over time. As the deeper skin layers have a wound response, collagen grows, which improves skin strength and dermal thickness for more plump, youthful skin. Collagen induction occurs in the first 3 months of the treatment.

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Does insurance cover microneedling?

Insurance does not cover the microneedling procedure, since it is done for cosmetic reasons alone. For patients that are paying out of pocket, we aim to make the cost of microneedling in Milwaukee more affordable with special financing plans for cosmetic surgery. You may also visit our Specials page to see if you are eligible for any complimentary discounts.

How much does microneedling cost?

The cost of our Milwaukee microneedling at Zelko Aesthetics is $330. It works well as a standalone treatment, or it may be combined with ZSpa facials or other anti-aging treatments that we offer.

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