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While you have most likely heard of a body contouring procedure known as liposuction, you may not have heard of its newer cousin, Tickle Lipo. So named because of the vibrations it creates during the treatment, Tickle Lipo is technically called Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture. While it achieves many of the same results that traditional liposuction does, it is preferred by many doctors and patients because of its numerous benefits to the body.

Gets Rid of Stubborn Fat

Tickle Lipo can be used to attack fatty deposits located beneath the skin that have not responded to traditional fat loss methods of a healthy diet and exercise program. Although it is not to be used for weight loss, it can help you lose inches around your most troublesome areas. Plus, fat lost with Tickle Lipo is gone forever. Your body can never recreate the fat cells.


While traditional liposuction used several small incisions in an invasive surgery, Tickle Lipo is considered to be a minimally-invasive procedure. A tiny cannula is used to break up and liquefy the fat using special vibrations. It is usually a short procedure, and multiple body areas can be treated at the same time, depending on the situation.

Minimizes Tissue Damage

One of the main advantages of the Tickle Lipo method is that it does not significantly damage your body’s tissues. The tiny cannula is gentle on your tissues and has safety mechanisms built into it. Thus, your skin and underlying tissues are preserved, allowing for better healing.

Does Not Require General Anesthesia

You will be awake throughout the entire procedure. Therefore, you will not experience any of the risks associated with general anesthesia and will experience a shorter recovery time immediately after the procedure.

Allows You to Recover Quickly

Since your tissues are not as affected during the procedure, the recovery will likely be much easier and more comfortable than you could imagine.

Tickle Lipo is a great way to get the body of your dreams. If you have struggled with losing that last bit of stubborn fat in one or two body areas or if you are at your goal weight but want a few better body contours, this may be the answer for you.

Get in touch with us at Zelko Aesthetics, our Milwaukee med spa, to get started. We have offices located in Westmont and Greenfield. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for Tickle Lipo!

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