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Body contouring on your own is a challenge. You can do all of the right things and still not get the results you want to see. Exercise and eating a balanced diet may help you to keep your weight under control, but it won’t necessarily take care of all your trouble spots on your body. If you are like so many others, there is a good chance that you have fat deposits hanging on in areas that are typical trouble spots. Even though you have tried all types of targeted exercises to eliminate that unwanted fat, it can be resistant to your efforts. Consider some reasons why Tickle Tite in Milwaukee could be the answer for you.

1. Offers You a Less Invasive Form of Liposuction

Tickle Tite is an innovative approach to liposuction. During the procedure, an extremely small cannula, or hollow tube, will be inserted into a small opening to get rid of that pesky fat.

2. Uses Vibration to Make Your Procedure More Effective

When you have your Tickle Tite procedure, the cannula vibrates upon entering the opening. It will break up the fat and cause it to liquefy. While it effectively removes the fat without harming the surrounding tissues, it will also cause the skin to tighten up. This will make the skin in the treated area look smoother after your procedure.

3. Combines Tickle Lipo with BodyTite

As an added benefit of the Tickle Tite procedure, you will get more than liposuction during your treatment. You will also receive a BodyTite treatment in which a handheld device is applied to the surface of your skin in the area that was treated. This device uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate circulation and collagen production. Your body will tighten up in the areas that were treated.

4. Less Downtime

When you choose the innovative approach of Tickle Tite in Milwaukee, WI, you will have a shorter recovery period from your procedure. Swelling and bruising will be minimal when compared to traditional liposuction. When you are done with your treatment and you have healed, you will be able to say hello to your new figure sooner rather than later.

Learn More About Tickle Tite

If you think Tickle Tite could be right for you, come in for a consultation at Zelko Aesthetics, our Milwaukee med spa in Greenfield, WI. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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