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Tickle Lipo is a cutting-edge treatment that allows us to safely remove stubborn body fat from practically anywhere on the body. During this procedure, we liquefy the fat with pulses of acoustic energy, and that drastically reduces your recovery time. Many patients fully recover within just a couple of weeks, and the results will last for years as long as you continue to make healthy lifestyle choices. Here is a closer look at just a few of the benefits of Tickle Lipo.

Why Not Traditional Liposuction?

Even though traditional liposuction procedures can be highly-effective, they have some distinct drawbacks. Following lipo, many patients must recover in bed for three or more weeks. During their recovery, they need constant assistance from friends and loved ones. There is also a much higher risk of visible scars after traditional liposuction. The rod that is used to extract the fat is relatively large, and that means the incisions must be large as well. With Tickle Lipo, you are going to have a shorter recovery time and less issues overall.

The Science Behind Tickle Lipo

After years of exhaustive research, doctors discovered that they could gently emulsify body fat with acoustic energy. During your Tickle Lipo procedure, we will “tickle” the nearby soft tissue with a whirling motion using a special device. After the fat has been broken apart, we can carefully remove it.

Tickle Lipo is minimally-invasive, and that makes it one of the few treatment options for pockets of fat in delicate areas. The primary goal of this procedure is to remove stubborn fat, but it will also provide other benefits, such as subtle skin tightening.

The Ideal Tickle Lipo Candidate

This is a great option for patients who would like to get rid of body fat but aren’t ready or willing to undergo an invasive surgical procedure. Make an appointment at Zelko Aesthetics to learn more about your candidacy. We have offices in Greenfield and Westmont. Contact us today for a consultation!

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