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Liposuction and lipolysis have long been the go-to cosmetic procedures for people who want to lose fat and trim their bodies. However, both of these options tend to be moderately invasive and require recoveries that some people cannot afford to endure given their busy schedules. When you want to have fat removed safely and effectively, you may consider undergoing the Body Tite process with Dr. Zelko in Westmont, IL. Learn what BodyTite is and how this cosmetic process is performed on patients today.

The BodyTite process is one of the newest forms of lipolysis on the market. It has been studied extensively by the FDA and has proven effective in removing unwanted fat safely and with few side effects. BodyTite is carried out in a multi-step outpatient procedure in our state-of-the-art facility in Westmont, IL. It combines the use of radio frequency energy and heat to melt and remove fat as well as tighten skin. BodyTite is minimally-invasive and typically fast from which to recover. It also has few side effects that could delay your ability to get back to your normal routine quickly.

The BodyTite process starts by administering light or local sedation to the patient. You will not need to be put under during the procedure. Instead, you may receive light sedation through an IV or have local anesthesia like lidocaine injected in the area being treated on your body. From there, handheld devices will be used to emit heat and energy to melt the fat. After the fat is liquefied, it is skillfully removed through specialized processes.

The BodyTite process could be a viable alternative for people who do not want to undergo more extensive liposuction or lipolysis procedures. This treatment has proven to be fast and safe. It also has few post-surgical side effects. It is able to remove fat while toning the underlying muscle and tissue.

If you live in Westmont, IL or the surrounding area and have been looking into your options regarding fat removal and body contouring, learn more about BodyTite at Zelko Aesthetics. We have locations in Westmont, IL and Greenfield, WI. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more!

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