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You got your weight down and you exercise regularly, but you still have a pudgy belly. Have you been thinking about a tummy tuck to get it firm and toned? You might want to consider a Tickle Tuck instead. Below are a few of the things this procedure can do for you, and why you should consider it.

What Is a Tickle Tuck?

This procedure combines a type of laser-assisted liposuction with an Avelar Tummy Tuck. It gets its name from the fact that many people say it feels like being tickled. In traditional liposuction, the plastic surgeon uses tiny straws called cannulas to suction out the fat cells. These tiny cannula go into the skin’s deeper layers to pull out the fat from the targeted area.

During this procedure, however, these cannulas are activated by air pressure. They vibrate as they enter the skin and target the fat. The vibration allows deeper targeting of fat cells and better ability to liquefy and remove them.

Benefits of a Tickle Tuck

  • It’s minimally-invasive.
  • It uses liposuction, which is the most trusted form of fat removal.
  • It gives you a firm, flat stomach with no sagging skin.
  • You can combine this procedure with other cosmetic procedures to get the results you want.
  • It causes skin tissues to shrink, which gives skin a firm, smooth appearance.

How Is a Tickle Tuck Different from a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that removes fat and excess skin from the stomach. It is designed to create a flat stomach for people who have had difficulty firming their stomachs after pregnancy, weight loss or other events.

How is a Tickle Tuck different?

  • The recovery is faster and easier.
  • It leaves almost no scarring.
  • It doesn’t cause damage to the surrounding skin.
  • It can be combined with non-surgical body-shaping procedures for a shapely finish.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Tickle Tuck?

If you’re healthy and close to your ideal weight but have stubborn tummy fat, you’re a good candidate for this procedure. You’ll achieve a firm, flat stomach with this fast, minimally-invasive procedure.

Learn More About the Tickle Tuck

If you’d like to learn more about the fast, simple way to get a flat stomach, call our office for a free consultation. We’ll discuss whether a Tickle Tuck can help you achieve the firm, shapely body you want. To learn more about this procedure and the others we offer at Zelko Aesthetics, visit one of our offices in either Greenfield or Westmont, IL. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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