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Chicago has been and continues to be a center of fashion and style. It makes sense that the residents of Chicago are interested in the way that they look. This has led many to undergo surgical procedures like liposuction to get rid of unwanted fat. Maybe you are considering this kind of treatment you may ask yourself, what are the benefits of Tickle Lipo versus traditional liposuction?

You may ask yourself this because you’ve heard a lot about the potential complications some patients may experience if they opt for traditional liposuction. Traditional liposuction has produced stellar benefits for many people. That being said, it is an aggressive procedure.

Tickle Liposuction, on the other hand, breaks down or liquefies the fat that is going to be removed from your body using infrasonic vibrations. This might sound like a futuristic or drastic procedure, but the truth is that the Tickle Liposuction procedure is very straightforward, very simple, and very safe. Many have noted that Tickle Lipo does not produce the same tissue damage as traditional lipo does. In fact, Tickle Liposuction has been designed specifically to minimize the shock and trauma your body experiences as well as minimizes your downtime or recovery time.

You might ask, why do they refer to this as Tickle Lipo? Honestly, it is because for some patients the vibrations felt during is the procedure tickle. Patients feel a tickling sensation, and it is not uncommon for some to want to giggle as the procedure is being performed.

Although Tickle Liposuction is relatively new in the United States, this procedure has been used around the world for some time. Now that it is being used in the United States, more and more people are being drawn to it because it is a less aggressive form of liposuction.

The primary reason why people opt for this procedure is that it minimizes damage to your body. With traditional liposuction, there may be a concern about damaging blood vessels or soft tissues around the area. With Tickle Lipo, this is not a problem. The cannula is equipped with safety devices that cause the procedure to instantly stop if any substance that is not fat is encountered. This means that you’re not going to have the same post-procedure discomfort, swelling, or bruising that you might have with the traditional liposuction procedure.

When you make a side-by-side comparison of the two procedures, you see that they have a lot in common. However, if you focus on safety, efficiency, and recovery time after the procedure, Tickle Lipo is considered by many to be the hands-down favorite.

At Zelko Aesthetics, we are ready to help you decide if Tickle Lipo is the procedure best suited to your needs. We proudly serve clients in the Greenfield, Westmont, and Chicago areas. Get in touch with us today to schedule your first consultation at our office in Westmont or Greenfield.

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