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Do you avoid clothing that reveals your upper arms because you have sagging skin? Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who feel unsatisfied with the way their arms look. We invite you to learn how you can treat sagging skin with an arm lift.

An arm lift is a surgical procedure that is designed to remove excess skin from the upper arms. It is a procedure that has helped countless individuals in the United States and around the world to improve their self-confidence and feel happier with their appearance.

In most cases, an arm lift involves removing excess skin. Liposuction may be used to get rid of excess pockets of fat. Muscles in the arm can also be tightened. Then the surgeon can pull the remaining skin tight. After the arms have healed, a person will have arms that are toned and no longer have that hanging skin.

An arm lift is a great option for an individual who has stretched skin because of being overweight at one time in their life. It can help a person get the appearance they have been working toward and feel much better about the way they look. Many have gone through the effort to lose weight but feel unsatisfied because their skin looks stretched. This surgical procedure is a great way to help you finally get the body that you have wanted for so long.

This is also a great option for individuals who are noticing that their skin is starting to sag because of the aging process. When you were younger, you may have had arms that were smooth and toned. Now that you are a bit older, the condition of your skin has changed and you are plagued with saggy arm skin. As long as you meet the qualifications for the procedure, an arm lift can help you get back some of your youth.

How do you know if you are a good candidate for an arm lift? The best way to find the answer to this question is to schedule a consultation at Zelko Aesthetics. You do not have to live with sagging skin on your arms. An arm lift could improve the appearance of your arms and help you regain your self-confidence. To learn more, contact us today to book an appointment at our office in Westmont or Greenfield.

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