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When it comes to toning your tummy, it can be a major challenge. You can do everything right and still struggle with your midsection. Fat deposits tend to be stubborn around the middle, especially after you have already lost weight or if you have had children. You’ve managed to trim down to the weight you want. Now it’s time to get your tummy in tiptop shape. You’re trying to decide on whether you should have a Tickle Tuck procedure or a traditional tummy tuck. Consider every aspect of Tickle Tuck vs tummy tuck procedures before you make your final decision about what is right for you.

Understanding the Tickle Tuck

The Tickle Tuck revolves around the use of a special cannula that will remove fat from your abdomen while protecting the surrounding tissues of your body. You will experience less bruising, bleeding, and tenderness as compared to a traditional procedure. Tickle Tuck technology is also beneficial in causing the tissues to shrink once liposuction has been performed. As a result, the skin will begin to tighten to give your tummy a smoother appearance. In addition to liposuction, excess skin will be removed as needed to give you the firm, smooth tummy that you want to see.

What About a Traditional Tummy Tuck?

In a traditional tummy tuck, a large incision is made between the hips in order to remove the excess skin, remove fat with traditional liposuction, and tighten the abdominal muscles with sutures. While results will be similar to a Tickle Tuck, the Tickle Tuck typically means a shorter recovery time because of the effectiveness of the type of cannula, or hollow tube, that is used to liquefy and remove the fat.

Choosing the Right Procedure for You

When it comes down to a Tickle Tuck vs tummy tuck procedure, the best option for you may depend on the extent of what needs to be done to give you the most promising results. If you are looking for less downtime and less of an impact on your surrounding tissues, the Tickle Tuck offers you an exciting alternative that can give you a flat tummy. Before you move forward with any type of cosmetic procedure to flatten your tummy, you should be at or very close to your ideal weight.

Learn More About Tickle Tuck vs Tummy Tuck Procedures

During your initial consultation at Zelko Aesthetics, you can discuss your issues with your tummy. Dr. Zelko can evaluate your trouble spot and determine if a Tickle Tuck can work for you. If you are looking for a less invasive procedure that will mean a faster recovery, the Tickle Tuck is the best way to go. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our office in Greenfield, WI or Westmont, IL.

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