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Tickle Tuck and Tickle Lipo are two of the most advanced body contouring procedures in the world. While these two treatments use similar technology, they produce slightly different results. Both of these surgeries tighten skin and tone the body by “tickling” the nearby soft tissue with infrasonic vibrations.

Infrasonic Waves and Soft Tissue Stimulation

Also referred to as ultrasound waves, infrasonic waves are simply pulses of energy that are well below all of the frequencies that we can hear. This technology has been used for decades in the medical industry, but it was not used in cosmetic treatments until very recently. After exhaustive research, doctors discovered that infrasonic waves can gently break apart fat without damaging the nearby ligaments and muscles. Ultrasound waves are often used with other treatments such as liposuction and tummy tucks to improve patient comfort and decrease the recovery time.

A Closer Look at Tickle Lipo

A traditional liposuction procedure involves forcefully extracting pockets of fat from the body. This type of surgery can effectively remove stubborn fatty tissue, but it is also hard on the patient’s body. Many patients end up with extensive bruising and swelling that take weeks to recover from. During a Tickle Lipo procedure, our surgeon will first break down the fat cells with ultrasound waves before removing them. Not only are the results nearly identical to traditional liposuction, but the procedure itself takes just a fraction of the time.

Sculpting Your Midsection with a Tickle Tuck

This specialized body contouring procedure combines a traditional tummy tuck with Tickle Lipo. After the fat is withdrawn from the midsection, our surgeon will then gently remove extra skin and soft tissue from the area. He can also readjust the underlying muscle in order to create a toned and balanced appearance. Liposuction by itself only removes fatty tissue, and it often results in sagging skin. With our Tickle Tuck, we can take care of all of these cosmetic problems at the same time.

The Benefits of “Tickle” Technology

Most patients don’t want to lay in bed for weeks following their cosmetic procedures, and that is one of the reasons why this technology has become so popular in recent years. Depending on your health and how much soft tissue is removed, you might be back on your feet in just days. As the ultrasonic waves break apart the fat, they will also tighten and tone the nearby skin.

Having a slim and defined midsection is no longer out of your reach. These amazing treatments could be just what you need to finally stand in front of the mirror and be satisfied the person who is staring back at you. Make an appointment at Zelko Aesthetics to learn more about the similarities and differences regarding Tickle Tuck and Tickle Lipo procedures. Contact us today to book a consultation at our office in Westmont, IL or Greenfield, WI.

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