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For a lot of people, one of the best ways for them to use their spare time is to go shopping. Even if they don’t spend a lot of money, it just feels nice going into a store and buying a new shirt, blouse, skirt or pair of pants. Unfortunately, for some people, shopping can also be one of the most frustrating things to do. This is because when they look at themselves in the mirror or try on clothing, they are frustrated by how much excess fat they have on their body. They might have loose skin and other body issues that make it difficult for them to feel good even when they are wearing new clothing. If you are struggling with loose skin and unwanted fat on your body, consider Tickle Tite for skin tightening.

Tickle Tite is a unique procedure that is designed to help you accomplish skin tightening and fat removal in a single treatment by combining Tickle Lipo and BodyTite. The goal is to provide the patient with the best skin tightening and fat removal results possible. At the end of the day, Tickle Tite for skin tightening will leave you with natural-looking results and firmer, healthier skin.

What Is Tickle Lipo?

The Tickle Lipo procedure is a faster and a gentler way of performing liposuction. Its purpose is to reduce a lot of the discomfort that is traditionally associated with liposuction. With Tickle Lipo, low-frequency infrasonic vibrations are used as a way of liquefying the fat that you want to remove. Liquefying the fat beforehand makes it much easier to remove the fat. Tickle Lipo produces amazingly smooth results. The procedure leaves a lot less swelling, far less bruising and a quicker recovery time.

What is BodyTite?

This is a procedure that can be used in conjunction with liposuction. BodyTite uses radiofrequency waves to heat your most stubborn areas of fat. This also makes it easier to remove the fat without damaging surrounding tissues. At the same time, this procedure will tighten your skin.

Tickle Tite treatments are right for you if you have both loose skin that you want to tighten and stubborn, excess areas of fat that refuse to budge with proper diet and exercise. This treatment can be performed on almost every part of the body, including the abdomen, the thighs and the arms.

During your initial consultation with us at Zelko Aesthetics, Dr. Zelko will go over your goals and needs with you and help you determine if Tickle Tite for skin tightening is right for you. Don’t let unwanted fat and loose skin rob you of your confidence. Contact us at either of our offices in Greenfield, WI or Westmont, IL to learn more about Tickle Tite.

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