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SECRET #1: The Existence of Cosmetic Surgeons

Plastic surgeons do not like and will not acknowledge the existence of cosmetic surgeons. Plastic surgeons are very gifted surgeons who learn a multitude of different procedures and techniques during their training. Liposuction is one small aspect of their training and usually one small portion of their practice. A cosmetic surgeon usually concentrates on one or two specific procedures, that’s all they do and they do them well. Cosmetic surgeons tend to keep up with the latest trends and machines utilized in their specific procedure(s) of expertise. Plastic surgeons, especially when it comes to liposuction, perform it depending on how they were trained. Since it tends to be a small part of their overall practice, they just stick with the one way they were trained years prior. Plastic surgeons were trained to do old-fashioned liposuction during their residency training. They usually won’t offer you the newer, less traumatic forms of liposuction and they definitely won’t refer you to a cosmetic surgeon or make you aware that there are alternatives to what they have to offer.

To be honest, most plastic surgeons are very threatened by cosmetic surgeons who perform liposuction. Cosmetic surgeons tend to do all their cases awake, in an office setting which is a much more calming environment and they tend to be more aware of and use some of the newest technologies available for office liposuction.

SECRET #2: Your Options; Traditional (Old-Fashioned) Liposuction Vs Everything Else

What most plastic surgeons prefer to do is treat you with old fashioned suction assisted liposuction. Old fashion liposuction is the procedures everyone has seen on You Tube or on the Discovery Channel, this is where the surgeon is working real hard to push this sharp metallic tube through the patient’s body to suck out the fat. Unfortunately, not only does that fat come out but there is a lot of destruction of blood vessels, nerves and structures that support the skin.

When it comes to liposuction, most plastic surgeons do not use a lot of the new technologies that have been available over the past 10 years. They were taught the old-fashioned way, they practice the old-fashioned way.

Plastic surgeons are usually not well versed on the various forms of office-based liposuction, such as ultrasound-assisted, laser-assisted, water based or nutational infrasonic.

SECRET #3: Tumescent Anesthesia (You’re Awake) vs. General Anesthesia (You’re Asleep)

Plastic surgeons, in general, would prefer that you be asleep for the procedure. They would prefer you to be under general anesthesia. Plastic surgeons do their liposuction cases quickly and if you are awake, that slows the whole process down, dramatically. They won’t tell you about an option called tumescent anesthesia. This is a local anesthesia only. You are fully awake and talking during the procedure. Tumescent anesthesia has been around for close to 30 years with an exceptional safety record. The vast majority of plastic surgeons don’t use tumescent anesthesia or know anything about how to administer tumescent anesthesia.

SECRET #4: In-office vs. In-hospital or Surgery Center OR

Plastic surgeons prefer to do their liposuction in an operating room setting, whether that is in a hospital, surgery center or an in-office surgical room. The environment you have your procedure in is cold and medical. It is usually good that you are asleep for the procedure since it is neither calm nor inviting.

In-office awake liposuction, performed by a cosmetic surgeon, can be done in a procedure room. This room can be made to look more inviting and calming. The colors of the room can be soothing, music can be playing and the whole experience can be relaxing and reassuring, a lot different from a cold operating room environment.

SECRET #5: Extra Costs

Because plastic surgeons prefer old fashion liposuction and this requires general anesthesia, you are now exposed to extra costs. Plastic surgeons require the assistance of an anesthesiologist to put you to sleep. They will need to be paid. If your procedure is performed in an operating room, there is an extra cost for this as well. These extra costs may or may not be spelled out at the time of the consultation. Be sure you know all your costs.

A cosmetic surgeon does not require an operating room or an anesthesiologist, so your costs are minimized.

SECRET # 6: Downtime minimize

Due to the aggressive nature of the old-fashioned liposuction performed by plastic surgeons, there usually is significant bruising and overall tissue damage, therefore there tends to be a prolonged healing time. The pain tends to be more severe after old fashioned liposuction and you will tend to have a tougher time getting back to your normal routine.

SECRET #7: Removing Large Amounts of Fat (known as “debulking “) and Sculpting

Since plastic surgeons do an old fashioned form of liposuction, using large, sharp, metal tubes to suction the fat, it is not practical to believe that plastic surgeons can do the most appropriate job of sculpting the treated areas.

Plastic surgeons, given the type of instruments they use, can do a good job of removing larger amounts of fat (along with the blood vessels, nerves and skin support structures), but their instruments are not meant to be gentle and sculpt tissues thoroughly.

Cosmetic surgeons tend to use the latest technologies and the smallest instruments to adequately and selectively remove fat and leave, as much as possible, the blood vessels, nerves and skin support structures intact.

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