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Living a healthy lifestyle is going to make you a healthier person, but it won’t necessarily give you the body you desire. Many people spend years trying to eradicate fatty tissue throughout the midsection, and that can be extremely disheartening. That is why our team is proud to offer the revolutionary body contouring procedure known as the Tickle Tuck. This treatment blends the best aspects of tummy tuck and “tickle” liposuction procedures in order to create world-class results.

One Technique Isn’t Always Enough

Cosmetic procedures are more effective than ever, but many patients require multiple methods in order to achieve their desired results. One of the reasons for this is because the human body is extremely complex, and altering one area can have an impact on the other. An example of this would be removing extra body fat from the flanks. After the fat is no longer there, the abdominal skin will most likely sag unless some of it is removed. During a Tickle Tuck, Dr. Zelko and his surgical team use multiple techniques to gently trim and contour the midsection.

Tickle Lipo Technology

Liposuction technology has been around for quite some time, and it has resulted in millions of satisfied patients. We know that liposuction is very effective, but many patients experience severe side effects after their procedures. Not only do many of them need to stay in a surgical center or hospital overnight, but the recovery can last for three weeks or longer. During that time, they will need constant help from family members and friends as their bruising and swelling goes down.

Tickle lipo is also called acoustic lipo because it utilizes thousands of vibrations per second to liquefy the nearby fat. As the fat is being withdrawn, a small tool known as a cannula will break apart the tissue. This technology not only speeds up the process, but it also results in less bruising.

Sculpting the New You

Removing the localized body fat is only the first step in this process. Once the fat has been removed, we must excise some of the extra skin to prevent rolls. Instead of carrying out your tummy tuck months down the road, we can finish it on the very same day. That means you will only have to go through one recovery. After the skin is removed, the remaining skin can be tightened.

Our Tickle Tuck procedure at Zelko Aesthetics is a low-risk procedure that can help you look and feel years younger. We utilize some of the most advanced technology in the industry to minimize discomfort and produce truly remarkable results. If you would like to learn more about the Tickle Tuck, schedule a consultation at our office in Greenfield, WI or Westmont, IL. Contact us today to book an appointment and get started!

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