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Americans continuously seek to reform current healthcare laws and regulations, only to find that things generally stay the same. It can be a real personal asset when health-conscious people take responsibility for their own health and look for tools to help them do so. For many, the answer is NutriLynk.

What is NutriLynk?

NutriLynk is a company that has taken full advantage of current information technology to design a personal healthcare portal that is as innovative as it is helpful. NutriLynk is a mobile application that can help you meet your fitness and health goals on a daily basis.

The NutriLynk mobile app merges together every aspect concerned with monitoring your health and reaching your goals. The idea behind the construct is to allow patients to connect with their healthcare providers while working on fitness and health goals on one platform.

Track Your Medications and Treatments

You and the healthcare provider can arrange for all your treatment and medication information to be accessible on your smartphone. Information concerning when to take your medication, how much to take and when to get refills can be accessed on one page.

If the healthcare provider would like to remind you of an upcoming procedure without having to call you, it can be done with the app. You won’t have to set an alarm to remind yourself to take your medication anymore because NutriLynk completes multiple tasks daily based on the doctor’s orders.

Further treatment recommendations for your quick recovery from a procedure or illness can also be accessed on the same page. Everything about medications and treatments is updated in real time as updates are available.

The NutriLynk platform was designed with the collaboration of registered dieticians, nurses and physicians. The information provided is based on proven health-related facts. This is what makes this app so unique and valuable. Much more than just a new health gimmick, NutriLynk can pave the way for more well-rounded healthcare structures.

To learn more about how our team at Zelko Aesthetics utilizes NutriLynk, book an appointment at one of our offices in Westmond or Greenfield. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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