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When you put on your favorite dress, do you see a bulge where you want to see a smooth stomach? Do you have a muffin top peeking out over the top of your pants, or do you struggle with fat hanging from the backs of your upper arms? Today, we have a non-invasive way to help you look great again and to give you that sleek appearance that you crave. With simple CoolSculpting® treatments using the CoolAdvantage® applicator, we can address all of your most problematic areas and give you beautiful, permanent results.

Smooth Away Stubborn Bulges

CoolSculpting® is a great solution for little lumps and bulges that you may be seeing across your body. Perhaps these began to pop up as you aged and your fat began shifting and changing. You may also find that you have unwanted fatty bulges if you have recently lost a great deal of weight but have not be able to get the final great look through diet and exercise alone. Certain diseases as well as past surgeries can affect your shape and fat levels. Even hormonal changes, such as you may experience with menopause, can be the cause of these unwanted problems.

Keep in mind that this is not a weight loss treatment. You may not even see the numbers on your scale change after your treatments. However, you will definitely see a change in your newly sculpted shape.

Treat Your Problematic Areas

Many areas of the body are hard to target with cardio exercises or with strength training. You may find that such spots as the backs of your arms, your back and your inner thighs retain fatty bulges despite your greatest efforts. The good news is that CoolSculpting® can target all of these areas with its easy, non-invasive applicator.

See a Permanently Beautiful Shape

Over the next few weeks, you will gradually see your body shape change as your frozen fat cells die and are naturally removed by your body. Once fat cells are destroyed, they cannot be remade by your body. Therefore, as long as you care for your body well, you can expect it to retain its new shape.

As you can see, CoolSculpting® at Zelko Aesthetics is an amazing option if you are already close to your desired weight but just want to tone up a little more and get rid of some unwanted bulges. CoolSculpting® can permanently treat your most stubborn fatty areas and can give you a great shape in all your favorite clothes. We are conveniently located in Westmont, IL. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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