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When a person starts a diet and exercise routine, their goal is to lose fat. Most people want to lose fat quickly. When a person is not able to lose fat as quickly as they would like, it is easy for them to feel frustrated and give up on their diet and exercise routine. Thankfully, if you’re struggling to get rid of those last few pockets of stubborn fat on your body, our fat reduction procedures could help you.

Some people, in an attempt to lose fat quickly, go on crash diets. These crash diets or fad diets may produce immediate results. However, many fad and crash diets leave a person feeling hungry and unsatisfied. Not to mention, people who are good candidates for fat reduction treatments don’t really need to lose weight; they simply need to get rid of stubborn fat deposits on certain areas. As such, crash diets aren’t really going to give them what they desire. What they need is a procedure that attacks the fat and removes it.

Of course, most people know that the best way to lose fat on your own is to use a diet and exercise program that targets the trouble zones. However, this is usually way easier said than done, as no diet and exercise plan can actually spot treat fat.

That’s where fat reduction procedures come into play. We are proud to offer a number of innovative body contouring procedures, including Tickle Lipo, an arm lift, and even non-surgical options like CoolSculpting®.

Do keep in mind that when we’re talking about fat reduction procedures, we’re talking about procedures that are designed for individuals who are at or close to their goal weight. These individuals lead overall healthy lifestyles; they simply cannot get rid of stubborn fat on their own. These are body contouring treatments and not weight loss treatments.

Take a moment to schedule a consultation at Zelko Aesthetics to get started on your journey to achieving your goal figure. Contact us today to book your appointment at our office in Greenfield or Westmont!

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