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For years, there have been surgical procedures that were designed to remove unwanted fat from the body. And, to be fair, many of these techniques have advanced to the point where it is difficult to tell that a person has had work done. That being said, invasive surgical procedures can have their downsides. Thankfully, there are minimally-invasive options that are available now that provide results that are on par with some surgical procedures. A perfect example of this is the BodyTite body contouring procedure.

Many view BodyTite body contouring as the next generation in minimally-invasive body contouring devices. For some people, the results provided by this procedure could be enough to cause them to change their mind about getting an invasive surgical procedure.

BodyTite body contouring is a technologically advanced device that takes advantage of the power of radiofrequency. The radiofrequency is used in a patented way to go hand-in-hand with liposuction. As the two techniques work together, your body is masterfully contoured. You may even notice skin contraction.

The radiofrequency waves carefully heat up the fat in the treated area. As a result, it is easier for our doctor to remove the fat from your body without affecting the other tissue in the body. During the procedure, a patented hand piece is used. The design of the hand piece, the design of the cannula being used and the design of the electrodes that are used have all been specially modified to create an exact result. It is designed to limit the amount of heat that affects the surface of your skin, thereby preventing your skin from being damaged.

This is an amazing procedure for removing unwanted fat and tightening loose skin. It is a lot quicker than having traditional liposuction done and then another procedure to remove excess skin. After the procedure, the patient should expect to see reduction in fat and a firming of the body.

BodyTite body contouring is perfect if you are looking to improve your figure. We invite you to schedule a consultation at Zelko Aesthetics in Greenfield, WI or Westmont, IL to learn more about how this innovative procedure can benefit you. Contact us today to book an appointment and get started!

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