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Traditional liposuction has helped thousands of patients achieve their cosmetic goals, but everyone should be aware of the drawbacks before they consider the procedure. This operation takes a toll on a patient’s body, and the recovery is lengthy and uncomfortable. With Tickle Lipo technology, we can minimize those side effects while still producing amazing results. Some patients are back on their feet within days, and the results should be permanent as long as you continue to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Choosing Tickle Lipo Over Traditional Liposuction

During a traditional liposuction procedure, a surgeon uses a metal rod known as a cannula to extract the fatty tissue. The fat is physically broken apart with the cannula before being pulled out with suction. Even though liposuction is effective, this procedure damages quite a bit of surrounding tissue. Following a liposuction operation, the average patient must spend at least a week in bed. Depending on which area was treated, they might also have to restrict their movements for two full weeks.

Tickle Lipo minimizes those side effects by gently breaking apart the fatty tissue with vibrations. We can use a much smaller cannula to extract the fatty tissue because it will be liquefied. Recovering from Tickle Lipo usually takes much less time, and most patients can manage any discomfort easily.

The total length of your operation will depend on many different factors including the size of the area that is going to be treated and how much fat needs to be removed. Our patients usually claim that they feel nothing more than gentle vibrations throughout this procedure.

Everyone experiences slightly different side effects, but you can expect at least some inflammation and sensitivity after your Tickle Lipo procedure. Our team will make sure to give you comprehensive aftercare instructions, and you must follow those instructions if you want to avoid unwanted complications.

Getting Your Ideal Figure

If you’re interested in this innovative procedure, make an appointment at Zelko Aesthetics and learn more about it. Contact us today to book your consultation at our office in Greenfield or Westmont.

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