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You look at yourself in the mirror and just don’t like the pooch in your midsection. You’re wondering to yourself if there is something that you can do in order to get rid of that excess fat. You try dieting and exercise, but it’s just not working the way that you want it to. Now you’re ready to take the next step. If you’re ready for a minimally invasive option to help you get rid of your unwanted fat, BodyTite may be right for you.

Am I a Good Candidate?

In general, you are a good candidate if you have excess fat on your buttocks, arms, back, hips or knees. Good candidates also include those who have consistently struggled to get rid of stubborn, unwanted fat but don’t want to undergo an intensely invasive procedure with a great deal of downtime.

BodyTite comes with many benefits. The procedure is designed to melt away excess fat. Once the excess fat is melted with radiofrequency energy, it is then removed. One of the best things about melting the fat before it is removed is that it makes the entire procedure far less invasive. This means you won’t have to worry about the same level of discomfort and downtime that you would with traditional liposuction.

As an added bonus, melting the fat allows you to contour your body more easily, which is exactly what anyone going through a body contouring procedure wants. You not only want the fat gone, but you want your body to take on the most flattering shape possible. BodyTite is one of the most advanced forms of body contouring that is available on the market today.

This procedure offers a superior level of body contouring. It provides results that are not seen in other procedures. It allows you to receive uniform treatment with results that are consistent and accurate. You are left with a much lower chance of side effects, much shorter downtime and a safer procedure overall.

Ideal candidates for BodyTite also have realistic expectations of what this procedure can do for them. It is designed for people who are close to their healthy BMI but want to do a little something to get their body contoured in the way that they like. If you keep up with a consistently healthy diet and exercise routine, you can enjoy your results for many years to come.

At Zelko Aesthetics, Dr. Zelko provides the BodyTite procedure with care and expertise among our many other customized services. Contact us at either of our offices in Greenfield or Westmont to schedule your consultation and find out if this popular procedure is right for you!

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