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Arm Lift in Milwaukee, WI

What Is an arm lift?

At Zelko Aesthetics in Milwaukee arm lift, also known as Brachioplasty, is offered to reduce excess skin and fat on the undersurface of the arm, between the underarm and elbow. It is often done for patients that have lost a significant amount of weight.

Why have an Arm Lift?

Arm skin removal is done to get rid of loose skin on arms after weight loss.

Saggy arm skin can occur after diet, exercise, or weight loss surgery. Once the fat is gone, you may have loose arm skin that makes you feel embarrassed to wear short sleeve tops. With an arm lift surgery performed by Dr. Timothy Zelko, you can finally wear the clothes you want.

After your arm lift procedure, saggy arms are no longer a concern. While it does leave an arm lift scar, the confidence that comes with slimmer, more attractive arms is well worth it for patients that have always felt self-conscious wearing short sleeves. You’ll no longer have to deal with excess skin on your arms after a one-time surgery. It’s the perfect way to complement your weight loss efforts, putting the finishing touch on your new body.

Arm Lift Milwaukee

Your Arm Lift Consultation

During your arm lift consultation with Milwaukee cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Zelko, you will have ample time to discuss your concerns about excess skin with the doctor. The goal of the consultation is not to convince you to have arm lift surgery, but rather to provide information on the different options that are available so you can make an informed choice. We strive to provide you with the best arm lift Milwaukee has to offer, that's why questions are encouraged during the consultation process. Dr. Zelko strives to create a warm and welcoming environment so you can feel comfortable discussing your concerns.

Get a personalized arm lift treatment plan just for you

Milwaukee Arm Lift

An arm lift is customized to your needs. Beyond arm lift surgery, we also offer arm liposuction, as well as a unique procedure known as Tickle Arm Lipo. Some patients may want to combine Tickle Liposuction for arm fat reduction with a nonsurgical BodyTite procedure to reduce excess skin in the event that arm skin reduction surgery is not necessary to obtain the results you are seeking.

Dr. Zelko is a compassionate surgeon that loves helping men and women after weight loss to improve their confidence with body contouring and skin removal surgery. He discusses what arm lift surgery can and cannot do, as well as whether you are a good candidate for an arm lift or other procedures that will best deliver the result you are hoping to achieve. A treatment plan is created with your approval. If you decide to move forward with surgery, we can schedule an appointment on a date that fits your schedule. Our consultation and treatment plan creation comes with no obligation to pursue surgery.

How should I prepare for arm lift surgery?

Minimize the use of aspirin, ibuprofen, and certain supplements (such as ginkgo biloba, ginger, and vitamin E) before surgery as these may increase bruising. It is best to stop smoking several weeks before and after your procedure as any form of nicotine may slow down the healing process.

What should I expect during my arm lift procedure?

After significant weight loss, if you’re unhappy with the excess upper arm skin, you can undergo an arm lift to remove the excess skin and remaining fat. General anesthesia is administered so that there is no pain during the arm lift surgery. An arm lift incision is placed on the inside of the arm, keeping it very discreet so the arm lift scar is as least visible as possible.

Typically, the scar is a vertical line that runs between the elbow and the underarm. Sagging arm skin is neatly trimmed away through the incision, and any unwanted fat that is attached to the skin is removed as well. Patients wake in a comfortable recovery room until they feel ready to go home. Someone must be present to drive you home from the procedure.

What is arm lift recovery like?

After your procedure, bandages and/or a compression garment will be placed around the arms to minimize swelling and improve the arm contour. You will need to wear a garment to minimize swelling for 2 weeks after the procedure. Arm lift compression garments or bandages are an important part of healing to ensure you have a satisfactory result.

You can return to work and driving after arm lift surgery once you feel comfortable and are without pain. Most patients resume driving in just 10 to 14 days on average. Please avoid carrying or lifting heavy objects, such as heavy bags of groceries, for example, for 2 to 4 weeks.

It is a good idea to have help in the early stage of recovery to make meal preparation and household chores more manageable, as it’s normal to have a moderate degree of pain after arm lift surgery. Pain control medication may be prescribed if necessary.

What arm lift results can I expect?

Immediately after your arm lift procedure, you’ll see that the excess skin and fat are gone. However, arm lift results take time. It is normal to have swelling for several months after cosmetic skin removal surgery. For this reason, it takes at least 6 months to see the final arm lift before and after results.

How much does an arm lift cost in Milwaukee, WI?

In the United States, the average cost of an arm lift is $6,240. Each arm lift is different. In truth, it depends on the amount of skin that needs to be removed, whether you are having an arm lift in Milwaukee with liposuction, and if you are considering other skin removal procedures in addition to Brachioplasty.

Please contact our office to schedule a consultation to obtain arm lift pricing. During the consultation, we will review the best treatment options for you and provide you with a detailed quote for your treatment.

Milwaukee Arm Lift

Patient Testimonial

“It has been over 9 months since my surgery and I could not be happier with the results. If you are looking to have arm reduction surgery done, I highly recommend Dr. Zelko and his team.” –S.D.

Does insurance cover arm lift surgery?

Arm Lift in Milwaukee

Insurance usually does not cover Brachioplasty, unless you meet certain criteria.

For patients that are paying out of pocket, we aim to make the cost of arm lift surgery more affordable with special financing plans for cosmetic surgery. You may also visit our Specials page to see if you are eligible for any cosmetic surgery discounts.

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