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7 Major Mistakes You Will Make When Deciding to Have Lipo (Part 3) Zelko Aesthetics



The more traumatic the procedure that you have, the more burning of tissue that you experience, the longer it will take for your body to heal itself post procedure. The usual length of time it will take for you to realize your end result when choosing these methods, is a minimum of 3 months, more commonly 6 months or longer. Who wants to wait that long? And, after waiting that long, wouldn’t it be depressing to find out that you received a substandard result?

Choosing a procedure that has less trauma and does not cause burning will typically lead to a final result within one month of the procedure, sometimes less. After that period of time, all that’s left in the healing process is ongoing collagen formation which adds to skin tightening and a further improvement in your result. Tickle Lipo delivers on the promise of significantly less trauma and no burning, which leads to a quicker end result.


The end result of making one or all of the six previous mistakes is that you chose to make mistake #7, to blow your money unnecessarily.

You are spending your hard earned money to have a fairly expensive and elective procedure. No one has put a gun to your head and forced you to hand over your money. You did it knowingly and willingly.

Unless you just have way too much money and a strong desire to give it away to the first doctor you cross paths with, you need to understand and AVOID mistakes #1-­6. If you don’t, then mistake #7 is inevitable.

Avoiding mistakes #1-­7 will invariably help you achieve a very satisfying result. This will improve your self-­image, enhance your self-­esteem and boost your self-­confidence. Tickle Lipo will help you reclaim your femininity and sensuality. You will be happier! For more information, visit www.zbodysculpt.com

If you want to review some of the biggest mistakes that patients make when they choose to get lipo, you can read Part 1 and Part 2 here.

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