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Procedure: Avelar – Arm Lift

After losing a significant amount of weight I consulted Dr. Zelko for Brachioplasty (an arm lift or skin reduction) surgery and while I was there inquired about other skin removal as well. Besides coming highly recommended, I too was intrigued in the idea of local anesthetic vs general anesthetic. The staff at his Greendale WI office is fabulous and very helpful. I was quite impressed with the facility and staff. Dr. Zelko is very thorough and informative on what he is able to do and what he is not. He was able to do my arms, however would not be able to do all that would be needed for my stomach/hip areas. He provided information on what he could do and he explained that to really take care of all of it was a more invasive procedure due to the amount of skin to be removed and he would recommend a general anesthesia route for that. But he could do my arms, which was my initial reason for inquiring. (I did consult another plastic surgeon, general anesthesia type, for a second opinion and was completely disappointed after visiting Dr. Zelko.)

Due to my schedule, I scheduled Brachioplasty surgery for 4 months later. Dr. Zelko is very conscientious that his clients understand the procedure being done and what the restrictions will be afterwards. In hindsight, everything he explained is precisely how it was. I was impressed that Dr. Zelko himself called me the evening following surgery to check on how I was doing and answer any questions I had. He made me feel very comfortable in calling either himself or the office for any questions or concerns that I had. It has been over 9 months since my surgery and I could not be happier with the results. If you are looking to have arm reduction surgery done

I highly recommend Dr. Zelko and his team. They offer a variety of other innovative services as well. – S.D.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering getting a procedure done at one of the ZBodySculpt clinics. Maybe hearing my experience will help you make your decision. Two days ago I had Tickle Lipo performed on my lower abdomen and flanks (love handles) at the Greenfield clinic, performed by Dr. Zelko. I saw advertisements for this place about a year ago on Groupon, laughed, and ignored it. How could I get lipo from a Groupon, right?? I’m a very fit, but very self-conscious person. I eat well and am a fitness nut, but my “tummy pouch” and love handle pudge have refused to move my entire life. Shrink? Yes. Disappear? No. Admittedly the Groupon got to me, and I did some research and decided that this place actually sounded pretty legitimate. I had a consultation and made my appointment. Dr. Zelko and the staff were incredibly friendly, and made me feel very comfortable right away. The procedure itself was nowhere near as scary as I thought it would be. Dr. Zelko and his assistant talked and joked with me during the whole procedure (and even played my favorite Pandora station), which really relaxed me. I also found out why it’s called “Tickle Lipo”… I spent a good amount of the time on the table stifling my laughter… IT REALLY TICKLES! Who’d have thought?? I also kept laughing when I heard the “slurping fat suction sound”.

When the procedure ended, I stood in front of the mirror afraid to look. Afraid that I’d see the reflection I’d been staring at for years… the tummy pudge and love handles. Dr. Zelko warned me that I was still full of fluid and swollen so I wouldn’t see the full effect right away. I finally looked. Immediately tears started rolling down my face. I haven’t cried over anything… anything… for about a year. I’m not a big crier. But at that moment, the tears wouldn’t stop. Even with almost a liter of fluid under my skin, even with the swollen tissue, I could see that the tummy pouch and love handles were smaller. The fat under my skin that made me buy clothes that I had to, not that I wanted to, was gone. I knew I wouldn’t have to wear a sweater when I was hot just to cover my bulges anymore. I could wear the fun, snug workout clothes that I wanted to at the gym from now on. I knew I would actually have fun shopping for a New Year’s Eve dress this year. Apologies for this long review, but I really need to convey every aspect of these amazing results. Physically and emotionally. The money that I spent on this is nothing compared to what I’ve gained. It’s been 2 days and the results just keep getting better as the swelling subsides (all the fluid drained in a day). I keep walking past the mirror and welling up with tears. I can’t believe it’s my reflection. Dr. Zelko even called me the next day to ask how I was doing, and to see if I had any questions. This is clearly a doctor who cares about his patients.

If you’re thinking about having a procedure done with Dr. Zelko, stop thinking about it. Do it. – K.B.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

I want to let you know how happy I am with Dr. Zelko and the Tickle Lipo procedure that was done on my “love handles”. I had recently had a laser lipo procedure [with a different liposuction provider] on my upper and lower abdomen and although it took care of my tummy fat, it did nothing for my muffin top. The laser procedure I had was very long, and quite uncomfortable. It took pretty much all day, and the procedure was exhausting. The recovery was a lot longer than I expected. Two months after the procedure, I was still experiencing pain. I knew I wanted to get the rest done, but I was not looking forward to it.

I heard about the Tickle Lipo procedure and was interested. I went to see Dr. Zelko for a consultation. He really took his time to explain the procedure, the results and the recovery time I could expect. He explained that because heat was used with the laser, there was a lot more damage to the tissue, and that was why I had such a long recovery. He explained how Tickle Lipo was different, and shared his experience with me. I left feeling not only more comfortable, but actually anxious to have the procedure done. Well, the process was very easy, and took only a couple hours from the time I arrived too the time I left. I was completely comfortable the whole time. When it was over, I could already see some results. By the next day, I looked great. It was easier than a dental appointment! It was everything Dr. Zelko said it would be, and I am just thrilled with the result. By the time I went back for my one week visit, most of the swelling was gone, and I felt as good as new! (and looked it!!) Thank you Dr. Zelko, I feel so much better about the way I look, and I can’t wait until summer, so I can show it off in a swimsuit!

You are the best! – J.J.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

I had heard of Tickle Lipo through word-of-mouth, but never thought anything of it. I researched Dr. Zelko, and the procedure, and discovered it to be a very good option for me, since my findings proved it to be safe and effective. I chose to go the route of Tickle Lipo, since I could never ‘spot-treat’ my flanks (love handles), through diet and exercise. I’ve tried the noninvasive, ultrasound fat cavitation treatments, but those were ineffective and discouraging. Whether my weight was up or down, I always had “love handles”, and so my biggest goal here, was to feel comfortable and at my best…clothes or not. All of the staff were lovely people. First came the consultation, and I thought standing in a paper thong would be one of the most awkward moments of my life, but it was quite the opposite. I didn’t feel uncomfortable, everyone was professional, and we began chatting, then soon enough, joking and laughing. During the procedure, the doctor’s assistant could tell I was a bit nervous, so she held my hand. The kind little gestures mean a lot when you’re outside of your comfort zone. Soon enough, I was relaxed. The heating pad on the table made it “cozy”, oddly enough. Judy put on some Jazz, by my request, and it almost lulled me to sleep at some points (all while having the procedure done). Dr. Z is so gentle and informs you what he is doing step-by-step, so I felt completely secure. After, I was shown how to use my abdominal wrap, I was ready to go.

I’m beyond happy with my result. I didn’t walk away from the procedure expecting a completely new body, that would be ludacris. I did walk away from it hoping for an improved version of myself, and that’s exactly what I got. This has boosted my confidence completely, knowing I am the vision of what I had for myself. I’d recommend Dr. Z, and his practice in a heartbeat. I took the risk of driving myself to and from my procedure, and was completely fine; I even went grocery shopping on my way home. Dr. Z explained the healing process, and just like he said would happen, happened. It was easy wearing my abdominal wrap, and there weren’t many restrictions or guidelines to follow, so resuming “normal” life was a breeze. My follow-ups, were easy to commit to because they were tailored to my availability, and the staff always checked in to confirm an appointment (which is great for me, since I need a reminder occasionally).

I wish going to the dentist was this pleasant. – S.D.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

I HIGHLY recommend lipo with Dr. Zelko. As I was searching for a place to get lipo, I was referred to many by friends. Some charged $100 for a “consultation”. I started looking for offices with free consultation, did procedure here in Milwaukee AND didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. I did go to a free consultation with another office. They not only quoted me $10,500 but the procedure was done in Chicago and it was an “agent” who did the consultation. Finally, I was referred to Dr. Zelko. FREE consultation, yes FREE. My consultation was done by Dr. Zelko himself. Very professional, lay back and confident. He listened to what I wanted, he said to get done one thing at a time lol. Which I appreciated it because another Dr., just for the $$, might just go for it instead of educating me like Dr. Zelko did. Although, I caught a great deal at that time, even the original price is WAY less than the $10,500 I was originally quoted by another office. As the day for surgery approached, in my nerves, I had a million questions, called the office a million times and not once did the staff make me feel like I was bugging. They kindly answered every question in friendly and professional ways. At the time of surgery, I don’t think Dr. Zelko could have made me more comfortable. He said you tell me your level of comfort as I do the procedure and I go as fast or as slow as you need me to go. Wow! Now that shows he cares. Pain free procedure and absolutely love the results.

Will forever be grateful!!! Thanks!!!! – N.M

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

A few years ago, I had a hysterectomy. My body went through many changes, including weight gain in areas I never had problems with, and extremely dry skin, with developing wrinkles. I tried it all, and did it all, to no avail. I went to spas promising inches off via ultrasonic lasers. I did “dewy” expensive facials. Then, I remembered seeing a doctor on TV talking about “tickle lipo”. I googled it, and Dr. Zelko’s clinic came up on the search engine. I called his office and spoke with Judy, to set up a consultation. Judy was so personable, she answered all my questions, and made me feel at ease. I walked into Dr. Zelko’s office with confidence…this was my answer. And, it was. The procedure was painless and the results were amazing. Dr. Zelko literally sculpts your areas…not just liposuctions the fat out. His approach is methodical and never rushed. He would rather do two perfect procedures in a day, than 4-6 mediocre procedures. The room is dimly lit, with music and a relaxing atmosphere. Afterwards, you can drive yourself home. There are no risk factors involved with general anesthesia. Dr. Zelko has surrounded himself with a team that is truly unsurpassed. Everyone has their own niche of expertise. This is why the outcomes are beyond expectations. My only wish is that I lived closer.

Thank you Dr. Zelko! – E.M.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

I had Tickle Liposuction done on 4 areas, upper abdominal, lower abdominal and right & left love handle area. The procedure was done by Dr. Tim Zelko, in his office, under local anesthetic. There was no pain associated with it. The results of the procedure were immediate and spectacular;

I finally have a flat tummy and defined waist line. – M.C.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

I just wanted to thank you for doing such an excellent transformation for me. Liposuction is something that I have talked about doing for some time, however the cost, pain and downtime associated with the traditional approach was enough to keep me from giving it a try… I had next to no discomfort during the procedure. I was amazed that even right after finishing the procedure that my stomach, flanks and back were so much smoother-

instant results! – A.T.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

No matter how much weight I’d lose, I still had a pooch from childbirth. For 26 years it spilled over the top of my jeans, laid in my lap when sitting and hung down when bending over. It is now flat and firm and I feel sexy in my bikini! My sister had traditional lipo earlier so I was nervous about the pain and recovery time being disruptive to my life. I was so relieved that the tickle lipo procedure was so much less painful than what I expected. Dr. Zelko was very attentive to any sign of discomfort that he thought I might be displaying. Also, the recovery was way less than I expected.

I stopped taking the pain meds after the 2nd day! Didn’t need them! – D.T.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

I would highly recommend Dr. Timothy Zelko and the Tickle Lipo procedure! Not only was the procedure painless, the downtime, was minimal! Anxiety level was also low, primarily due to the comfort level and soothing demeanor of Dr. Zelko. The day of the procedure I took a “me-day,” but the next day I was back to work. Never even needed the pain meds. After having both Smart Lipo and Body Jet previously performed, I was left with scars [from the surgical tools used] and “lumps and bumps” that never smoothed out. Downtime was longer and pain meds had to be taken for a week. There were also special dietary restrictions for 2-weeks prior and 2 weeks after the procedure [each time] which I found extremely inconvenient. Both procedures were performed in a hospital and included anesthesia, which also tremendously increased the costs…with less than the desired results.

Thanks again, Dr. Zelko, for achieving superior results!! – B. C.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

I just wanted to share my extraordinary experience with you about when I received the Tickle Lipo procedure with Dr. Zelko. It was hilarious – throughout the entire procedure I laughed hysterically as he performed the procedure. They made me feel very comfortable and the procedure was so easy because I laughed the entire time. I just wanted to say to Dr. Zelko thanks for the time and dedication that you showed me.

Tickle Lipo really tickled me. – T.A.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

I have been very unsatisfied with my C-section scar and mid-section area for many years but did not want to have the invasive tummy tuck procedure performed. I didn’t want to trade one scar for another and also be down for over 2 weeks. After a consult with Dr. Zelko, he recommended a scar revision along with lipo. Dr. Zelko performed the Tickle Lipo procedure as well as a scar revision to my abdominal area about 4 months ago. I am very pleased with my end results!! Although I still have a scar, it is a very thin, flat straight line and something I can now live with. I can truly say that a tummy tuck is not the only answer for those who have a vertical C-section scar. I highly recommend Dr. Zelko. The procedure was not painful, and I was only out of work for 3 days!!

Thanks Dr. Zelko – R. S.

Procedure: Avelar – Tummy Tuck

My Zelko Aesthetics experience was amazing! The office environment was calm, inviting and relaxing. The assistants had smiles on their faces, welcoming and were always available to answer my questions, even if they had to get back to me. Dr. Zelko is honest (not a brutal) medical professional, he laid out exactly what I should expect from my Avelar Procedure. He has a calm tone, great bed side manner, and excellent demeanor. Christine the MA, was so kind and helpful she genuinely cared about me. My RESULTS exceeded all expectations, Dr. Zelko did an AWESOME JOB! I am IN LOVE with myself…

Thank you Dr. Zelko!!! – U.J.

Procedure: Tickle Tite

When we look in the mirror we usually see something we would like to change about our body whether it be abs, thighs, flanks or arms. My area of concern was always my arms. I had “creepy” upper arms and had not worn a sleeveless top for many years. I came to Dr. Z over the years whenever something “new” came on the market and after consultation he would say I don’t think you’re going to be happy with whatever procedure I had seen. So I would go home and keep watch for the next miracle to try and get rid of the loose skin on my upper arms. On one consult Dr. Z told me there was something new coming but the FDA had not released it yet. So again, I went home and waited. Well, the wait was worth it. Two weeks ago, I had BodyTite along with Tickle Lipo and I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with the results. After only “1 week” I could see the difference. Dr. Z told me if I was happy after only 1 week I would really be happy in the next couple of months! I would like to thank Dr. Zelko for his dedication to making people feel good about themselves. He is an honest man and his goal is to make sure his patients are happy and satisfied with the end result. He could have sold me a procedure years ago and walked away but he kept telling me he didn’t think I would be happy and so I waited. Thank you Dr. Z! I would happily recommend you to anyone who is thinking of having BodyTite.

The results were surely worth the wait! – B.K.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

Wonderful experience, spectacular amazing results!!

Thank you! – S.K.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

I had Tickle Lipo done last June and LOVE the results. I have worked out 2 hours/day, 6 days/week until I began a tougher program that is similar to P90X. Even with a low-carb lifestyle, and focused gym time that did NOT include social hour, I had a ‘pouch’ that very visibly started below my belly button, and went to my bikini line. No matter how toned I got, and even though I was happy with my abs above my belly button, I have had this pouch ever since I can remember. I have never had a baby, so this is not a ‘mommy belly’. I was driving 4 hours for my check up afterwards, so I waited 6 weeks, and was already pleased with my results. I only became more pleased from there. I had never liked to look at my stomach, but now, 9 months later, I still am so impressed with the results, sometimes I still don’t believe that is my stomach in the mirror! This procedure was definitely worth the 4 hour drive! The ONLY drawback, is buying smaller waisted pants.

Thank you Dr. Zelko and your very friendly staff! – A.J.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

helped me achieve my goal weight, but I could not get rid of the fat around my midsection. I began researching tickle liposuction and was thrilled to learn that one of the most experienced doctors was nearby. I went to see Dr. Zelko for a consultation and decided to have tickle liposuction. During the procedure, I experienced no pain, and after I had an easy recovery. I am extremely satisfied with the results. I feel confident in myself again.

Thanks to Dr. Zelko and tickle liposuction! Thanks for everything! – K.K.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

To the Miracle Man – You did a wonderful job. I have no regrets about having had this done. My rolls of fat were very uncomfortable for me. My shape has already improved dramatically with the body sculpting and it’s only been 2 1/2 weeks. I suppose the word “dramatically” is a pretty strong word but in “MY perception of MY body” that is how I feel when I look at myself. It has given me an incentive to lose some weight besides this shaping. I just want people to know that you don’t have to be part of the new young yuppie generation to do this. I’m 67 years old and been married for almost 48 years. My husband thought I was beautiful as I was. However, it has added some spark back to our marriage because I feel so much better about myself.

Thank You. – L.T.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

I never liked my stomach area, no matter how much I worked out I was never happy. Dr. Zelko performed Tickle Lipo on my upper and lower abdomen, my sides and my back. I lost inches immediately! The procedure was easy and I finally have the flat stomach I always wanted.

Thank you! – J.S.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

I had considered liposuction for some time, but never moved forward due to the downtime associated with the procedure. My friend told me about Dr. Zelko and the Tickle Lipo procedure. I called the next day, had a consult and scheduled my appointment. I am thrilled!! Dr. Zelko was wonderful and thoughtful to ensure that the pain was minimal, which it was. I had the procedure on a Friday and was back to work on Monday. Due to a thyroid issue and middle age weight gain, I often stood in my closet trying to find clothes which fit nicely. Now, after the procedure, I still stand in my closet looking for something to wear, but it is because I have too many choices, not too few choices!

I highly recommend Dr. Zelko; he and his entire staff were fantastic!! – G. D.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

After trying everything to get rid of the spare tire I had around my middle after having 2 children, I made the decision to get Tickle Lipo from Dr. Zelko. I was very nervous, but the doctor and staff were wonderful, always asking if I was okay or if I had questions. The procedure went very smoothly. I am only 2 weeks out of recovery and wore a bikini for the first time in almost 20 years yesterday! I am extremely happy with the results and am looking forward to what I will look like in the months to come!

Thank you, Dr. Zelko & staff!!! – M. S.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

I am 60 years old, and was very unhappy with my shape before the procedure. I had the Tickle Liposuction procedure on my lower & upper abdomen and sides. My large fat areas were concentrated in my lower abdomen and stomach area. I was amazed and delighted at the results! Approximately 70% of my lower abdomen is gone! The skin has retracted nicely at this writing which is 7 weeks after the procedure. My stomach area is greatly reduced and I have measured a 4 inch decrease around my waist. The results were more than I had imagined was possible, considering I had this area of fat for almost all my life. The staff at Dr. Zelko’s office were all extremely kind and caring. The procedure itself with the local anesthetic was not uncomfortable. The two weeks following the procedure were only mildly uncomfortable due to the tight compression garment

The results I see were well worth the investment. – G. P.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

I was not nervous at all – maybe because I was very anxious to have this done. I had the upper and lower abdomen done. Dr. Zelko was very professional and caring during the entire procedure. Dr. Zelko was constantly asking me how I was doing. I didn’t feel any pain at all. Also Dr. Zelko’s nurse Maureen was extremely nice and put me at ease right away. I would recommend this to my friends, which I have and I would consider having other work done by Dr. Zelko. Wish I would have done this year’s ago. I am a 64-year-old female,

couldn’t be happier with the results. – C.K.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

I had the procedure done on my thighs and underarms about 2 months ago. I couldn’t be happier with the results. All the pre-and post op instructions were very thorough and helped the recovery period. I found that wearing the special garments as much as possible, felt good and was helpful during the recovery period. I did bruise, but it faded in about 3 weeks. I feel it was well worth the mild discomfort for the results that I had

Thank you for your close contact with the patient after the procedure. – C.M.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

First let me thank you for the wonderful results you have achieved on my fatty areas. I look and feel wonderful. The first procedure was the Water Jet Lipo method. As you explained to me, I was your first patient to use this method. The Water Jet Lipo procedure was completely comfortable during the entire procedure. Had some leakage when getting up from the procedure and then it took several days after the procedure before leakage from the incisions finally stopped. After reviewing the results with you, we both agreed the procedure worked, however we did not achieve the desired results. We next decided to use the tried and true Tickle Lipo procedure and redo some of the areas and also work on several additional areas. The Tickle Lipo procedure was much quicker, doing many more areas in far less time. This time we did my abdomen, and stomach, both outer thighs and both hips. The whole procedure took less than two hours, starting at 10:20 a.m. and in my car and going home at 12:15 p.m., just after noon. The incisions stopped leaking after about 12 – 16 hours. The next morning I left for a whole day of shopping and lunch with my mother and two friends. I had no pain or discomfort of any kind. Having had both procedures I would definitely say that the Tickle Lipo procedure is much faster and even more comfortable with the great benefit of very little down time, about half a day. Now after one week there is just a tiny bit of swelling. I feel great, I look great and I just keep thinking, why did I wait so long. I feel that after all my years of living with these extra fatty areas, you, Dr. Zelko have performed a miracle on me. Most of all I appreciate your extremely caring and gentle approach when performing this procedure. You are a very caring soft-spoken person. I felt completely at ease with you from the first moment I met you.

We have now achieved the total results I was looking for. Thank you. – C.D.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

I am 52 and have been battling 10 to 15 pounds for years and worse yet, I have had trouble with clothes fitting well. It was always that tummy bulge and love handles that got in my way of feeling good about myself. I have also been doing long-distance biking for years and that tummy bulge made it difficult for me to get into a tuck position. I saw a clip on one of the morning shows about a procedure using tickle liposuction. I had never thought of lipo as being for me. It seemed like something for people who were vain or people who had lots of money. I did a little research on it and told my significant other that I was checking into it. He encouraged me and said, “I support you, if this is what you want.” I contacted the office and made an appointment. Dr. Zelko and his staff were very easy going and able to answer any question I had. Surprisingly, the cost was a lot less than I thought it would be. Ten days later, I had the procedure. I was awake through the whole thing. Dr. Zelko and his assistant were gentle and carried on conversations with me while I was having it done. I will admit, I was a bit sore for a day or two, but I could see the results immediately. It has now been three weeks since surgery and my waist is two inches smaller.

I am still watching my diet and exercising. This procedure has given me a chance to feel good about who I am! – D.T.

Procedure: Tickle Lipo

I am extremely happy with the procedure and feel absolutely no side effects. However, I did see Dr. Zelko last month and have decided that he did such a fabulous job on my original tickle lipo procedure, I am going back in early September to have my C-Section scar removed. I was chicken last time as I really didn’t know what to expect. In my first procedure, Dr. Zelko was able to release the adhesion holding the scar tight to my abdomen – and needless to say, the area around the adhesion was loose and flabby. So, he did some lipo around the area and my stomach is so much flatter than it has been for over 20 years. To reiterate, the “butt” I had on my stomach, is gone! So now he will remove the scar (which is wide at the bottom and was closed so badly after the C-section, I actually have a couple little swirls where the skin in twisted). That is what Dr. Z is going to fix. I will be sending updates after the procedure which is scheduled for September 8.

This has made me feel so much better about myself – even if I am almost 60 and will never wear a bikini again!!!! – P.S.



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