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Look younger without resorting to facelift surgery

Many patients are not willing to consider facelift surgery, which can be costly and look unnatural.

At Zelko Aesthetics, we offer our patients in Milwaukee non-surgical facelift procedures, such as the liquid facelift and the Y Lift. These minimally invasive techniques can lift and reshape your aging face in one day. The results are natural and long-lasting. There are no scars, incisions, or long recovery periods. Don’t wait until it’s too late. When you start to notice facial skin sagging, wrinkles, or volume loss, it is important to seek non-surgical treatments sooner rather than later. That way, you'll appear to age more slowly over the years, rather than the sudden and drastic change of a traditional facelift.

Your non-surgical facelift consultation

Dr. Timothy Zelko invites you to discuss your facial concerns and goals at a private consultation.

We have several minimally invasive face rejuvenation procedures to choose from, including the liquid facelift, Y Lift, Botox, and more.

If you are stuck deciding between these anti-aging procedures, he can help you choose which non-surgical facelift best meets your goals. He makes it easy to learn about your different options and what results you can expect. With this information, you'll get help deciding on the best approach to make your face look younger. Dr. Zelko creates a treatment plan just for you.

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Does insurance cover facelifts?

While a facelift can greatly improve your looks and confidence, it is ultimately done for cosmetic reasons.

Because facelift procedures are not medically necessary, insurance does not cover them. To make the out-of-pocket cost of facial rejuvenation in Milwaukee as affordable as possible, you may consider a financing plan for cosmetic procedures. Also, don't forget to visit our Specials page to see if you are eligible for any complimentary discounts.

Y Lift® vs Facelift Surgery

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For patients seeking a happy medium that falls somewhere between a liquid facelift and facelift surgery, a Y Lift is ideal. The results of a Y Lift last 1 to 3 years — nearly 3x the time of a liquid facelift, but not quite as long as facelift surgery.

The Y Lift procedure has no downtime or incisions. Instead of cutting and lifting the skin, medical-grade threads are used to suspend sagging skin and smooth wrinkles. As a non-surgical facelift procedure, it is done while the patient is awake. Your face looks instantly lifted and more youthful. The Y Lift is perfect for patients that are seeking a minimally invasive, more subtle and natural-looking alternative to facelift surgery. The cost is also considerably less than a surgical facelift.

Liquid Facelift vs Facelift Surgery

The liquid facelift involves adding injectable dermal fillers into the skin. It is an ideal way to fix wrinkles and make your face appear fuller and better contoured without surgery. Compared to facelift surgery, this minimally invasive procedure has many benefits. Many of our Milwaukee non-surgical facelift patients with early signs of facial aging choose a liquid facelift since the upfront cost is significantly less than facelift surgery.

That is because liquid facial fillers results are not permanent and there is no surgery involved. A liquid facelift may last 12 to 16 months. Therefore, you'll need to come in to touch up your liquid facelift results now and then. In comparison, facelift surgery results last for up to 10 years. While surgery provides a more long-lasting result, filler placement can be adjusted according to how your face ages each year. Unlike surgery, you are not stuck with a permanent result. Another advantage is there is no liquid facelift downtime. The results are instant. You don't have to commit to permanently changing your face. A liquid facelift is also a great way to preview how a facelift surgery might look, without taking the leap to have surgery.

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Improve facial aging in one day, without surgery

There is no need to live with the visible effects of aging that are written all over your face.

Dr. Timothy Zelko offers 15 years of experience as a cosmetic surgeon. He has a deep understanding of facial anatomy and aesthetics. He helps patients look younger (regardless of age) with minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedures. That means you can have the youthful skin you desire with a short recovery time that fits your busy schedule. If you're looking for a non-surgical facelift Milwaukee med spa Zelko Aesthetics is ready to deliver. Contact our office today to schedule a personalized liquid facelift or Y Lift consultation to learn what each procedure can do for you. We have two office locations in Greenfield and Naperville, Wisconsin, also serving nearby Chicago, Milwaukee, and the Midwest.

Request a complimentary consultation today and experience why beauty begins with Z.

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