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Three Ways to Destroy Belly Fat Zelko Aesthetics

Reduce Belly Fat

Did you know that belly fat poses more health hazards to women than to men? The abdominal fat has in several instances been associated with such dangerous medical conditions as heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, with some type of fat accumulations being linked to cancer. That is why, at Zelko Aesthetics, we offer three different ways to destroy this unwanted and unhealthy belly fat. 

In such a case, you not only have to avoid lifestyles and dietary compounds that contribute to the belly fat, but you also have to work around getting rid of the fat accumulated over the years. To help you get started, there are effective strategies that you can employ in getting rid of this unwanted belly fat.

  1. Mix of Exercises and Diet

If you hope to destroy the belly fat naturally, you may want to consider embracing exercises as well as weight loss recommended by a professional. The two methods have been used since time immemorial and remain the most popular fat reduction strategies. With that being said, in many cases, diet and exercise can only do so much to get rid of stubborn belly fat.

  1. Liposuction

If you have stubborn belly fat, consider liposuction procedures like Tickle Lipo. This method of getting rid of fat around the midsection has, over the years, gained popularity in the country and has also improved in its techniques and technology.

  1. CoolSculpting®

Unwilling to go through with liposuction but still want to get rid of belly fat? Consider CoolSculpting®, the FDA-approved fat reduction technology for use by many cosmetic professionals. The new technology also provides a permanent solution to fat around the midsection. 

Bottom Line

You can opt to go all-natural with dietary adjustments and exercises, but if you need some extra help, make sure to visit us at Zelko Aesthetics, with offices in Westmont and Greenfield. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for body contouring.

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